Sunday, February 7, 2021

PPL Provides Update on Saturday's Power Outage in Schuylkill County

PPL has provided an update on the power outage that affected thousands across Schuylkill County on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon, around 1:30 pm Schuylkill County residents from as far north as Ringtown and as far south as Schuylkill Haven reported experiencing a loss of power at their home or flickering lights.

Retail stores like Redner's Markets in Shenandoah and Wal-Mart in Saint Clair reported having their systems go down due to the outage.

Within minutes, power was restored at many of these locations.

Typically, power outages impact centralized areas, so after power was restored, many were asking, "What happened?"

On Sunday, we reached out to PPL for an update.

According to Jane George, Regional Affairs Director from the PPL Allentown office, Saturday's outage was due to an equipment failure after a tree fell on a wire.

George said that that outage began at 1:26 pm and impacted 14,000 customers. Within 5 minutes, power was restored to approximately 9,500 of those affected with the remaining customers being restored by 1:42 pm.

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