Friday, March 5, 2021

Groody to Seek Re-Election as Schuylkill County Sheriff

On Friday, Schuylkill County Sheriff Joseph Groody announced he will run for re-election. 

Groody, a 43-year veteran of law enforcement in the county, was first elected to the county’s sheriff position in 2009, after serving two years as an appointed Sheriff.

“It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve as Schuylkill County’s Sheriff,” Groody said. “The sheriff’s office continued to make progress in my third term. The courthouse is safer. Deputy Sheriffs continue to be trained to handle all aspects of law enforcement. And our office strives to help improve and augment law enforcement in this county.

“Serving in law enforcement is a calling,” Groody said. “The Sheriff’s Office often provides that sweeping additional level of protection our citizens deserve and that first line of defense our courthouse needs. This isn’t just a job to me, it’s a responsibility to reign in lawbreakers, to keep residents safe and to administrate the important civic services the Sheriff’s Office traditionally has provided.

“My combined experience of more than 43 years as a municipal police officer and Sheriff has helped me to manage the county’s sheriff office more efficiently and effectively. But I also am blessed to have a force of dedicated Deputy Sheriffs. The job they do day in and day out is remarkable.”

As County Sheriff, Groody has pursued undocumented workers illegally working in the area; assisted the County District Attorney’s Office and municipal police departments track down and apprehend fugitives; and provide assistance to the Schuylkill County Drug Task Force in the war against drugs. 

Groody’s office also has stepped up repeatedly to help fingerprint our children during safety-night-out events.

“Schuylkill County is a safer place and I believe our commitment to enforce laws with fairness and firmness has helped make that difference,” Groody noted. “That is why I seek the privilege to continue serving Schuylkill Countians as their Sheriff. Being Sheriff is about more than catching criminals, moving prisoners and issuing civil complaints. It’s about serving residents and being there to help them when problems surface that most never expected to have.

“In 2016, I supported and continue to support our Drug Court to help fight the drug epidemic,” Goody said. “Few of society’s problems cause greater hardships to our citizens than the illegal or improper use of drugs. It is a battle we remain committed to fighting.”

This past year, Groody implemented an online license-to-carry application system to better serve citizens. COVID 19, he said, had compelled the Sheriff’s Office to look for a safer, more efficient way for citizens to apply for licenses-to-carry, a privilege Groody supports wholeheartedly for law-abiding citizens.

Groody graduated from North Schuylkill High School in 1976 and the North Vocational Technical School in 1976. Groody joined the Ashland Police force in 1977, and entered the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in Hershey, graduating in 1978 with his Act 120 certification. Groody has attended and graduated from the following law enforcement courses: certified by the Office of the Attorney General in Bureau of Narcotics Training and Drug Control in drug law enforcement; certified through a Dickerson Public Safety class in poly-testing, narcotics screening and drug identification; and certified by the Office of the Attorney General in Drug Interdiction Training and Drug Prosecution and Forfeiture. In addition, he has attained certification from the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in criminal investigation and fingerprinting; the National Criminal Justice Academy in crime scene and evidence investigation; drug enforcement education programs for narcotic identification, the Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Academy at Penn State, and the National Sheriffs Institute in Aura, Colorado.

Under Sheriff Groody’s watch, he has implemented deputy-sheriff training courses in proper handling of a Narcan, Taser, Blackhawk force-on-force training, tactical breach training, as well as marksmanship training. Sheriff Groody also sits on the following boards: Schuylkill County Prison Board, Criminal Justice Advisory Board, Schuylkill County Drug & Alcohol Board, coordinating yearly National Drug Take-Back programs of unused prescription drugs, Schuylkill County Child Death Review Board, Schuylkill County Interagency Forensic Task Force, Schuylkill County Mental Health Steering Committee, Schuylkill Community Action Board, Legislative Committee for the Pennsylvania Sheriffs Association and the Washington Fire Company Community Ambulance Board of Directors.

Sheriff Groody was born and raised in Ashland. He is an active member in the Washington Fire Company; Washington Community Fire Company and Ambulance & Rescue; a member and officer of the F.O.P. Lodge #25 for the past 43 years and was selected as 2016 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year and a member of the PA Chief of Police Association, He also is a member of Ashland Elks, where he served as district deputy grand exalted ruler of the northeast central district, and exalted ruler Ashland Lodge, as well as Vice President of the Pennsylvania Sheriffs Association. Groody attends St. Charles Borromeo Church (formerly St. Joseph Parrish) in Ashland, where he resides with his wife, Ann Marie Fertig Groody, and two children, Faith and Joey.

“I can never thank my family enough for its support of my public service,” Groody said. “With my family’s and staff’s backing, and because of the never-ending need for justice, I will endeavor as Sheriff – and with the help of God – to do all in my power to keep Schuylkill County safe. Count on it.”

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