Saturday, April 17, 2021

Volunteers Beautify Centralia with Apple Trees

An abandoned town got some much-needed love from volunteers on Saturday.
The Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation put out a call for help recently when they organized an Apple Tree planting event in Centralia.

The effort was the culmination of years of work and cleanup in the borough to beautify the town and develop wildlife.

"We started cleaning up the town years ago and needed multiple dumpsters. Last year we barely filled one. Today is what we have been working for." said EPCAMR Executive Director Bobby Hughes.

Approximately 90 people attended Saturday's tree planting.

The volunteers broke off into groups and planted trees in four separate plots of land that were designated for the planting.

If they chose to do so, the volunteers were able to tag the tree they were planting to honor a loved one.

Each of the trees was planted using a special Groasis Growboxx. The boxes are made of biodegradable cardboard that holds water closer to the roots and helps protect the tree while it begins to grow in it's new location.

EPCAMR hopes the trees will begin to draw monarch butterflies to Centralia as a sanctuary for them.

Another cleanup is being planned by EPCAMR for this fall and more tree plantings hope to be held as well.

EPCAMR is a non-profit, non-government, non-partisan public charity dedicated to: Reducing health and safety hazards, eliminating soil erosion, improving water quality and endorsing the reclamation of abandoned mine lands to productive uses in the region, there by improving the economy.

Photos, Video, and Story by J. Reed / Skook News

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