Friday, September 24, 2021

Saint Clair and Pottsville Dunkin Donuts Move to All Drive Thru Due to Understaffing

Staff shortage and lack of people willing to work has forced Dunkin Donuts in Pottsville and Saint Clair to move to an all drive thru option.

As with many businesses and industries around the country, the pandemic has hit the fast food industry especially hard, and Bowers Donuts, the owner of the franchise's 3 locations was forced to make the decision that they officially announced late Thursday.

During the first months of the COVID pandemic, the franchise had moved to the all drive thru option but once businesses started reopening, they opened the lobby to mobile app orders.  Now all patrons will have to go through the drive thru

Bowers made the announcement official via Facebook for their Coal Creek Plaza, Claude A Lorde Boulevard, and Westwood locations.

Anyone interested in a job at any of the locations can apply through