Sunday, October 3, 2021

North Schuylkill Kicks Off Start of Schuylkill County Anti-Bullying Campaign

The Schuylkill County Anti-Bullying Campaign kicked off Friday night with a “white out” at the North Schuylkill football game. 

The purpose of this county-wide initiative is to raise awareness and prevent bullying throughout Schuylkill County. At each of the participating football games, there will be signage posted on district grounds and handouts for fans sponsored by the Schuylkill County Youth Summit. Players will also wear anti-bullying stickers on their helmets to show support for the initiative and to highlight the importance of teamwork on and off the field. 

On Friday night, North Schuylkill's Senior Class President Faith Groody spoke prior to the Spartan's game against Northern Lehigh.

Groody spoke to those in attendance about the effects of bullying and cyberbullying.

"Since we are all negatively impacted by bullying, we all need to be a part of the solution." Groody said.

"We are here tonight to ask you to join the Schuylkill County Coalition, to speak up, defend someone who needs an ally, or report what you've seen to someone in authority".

North Schuylkill was just first of many games throughout Schuylkill County who will be helping to push the message about anti-bullying.

The following is the list of scheduled games that will be participating in the white out initiative during the remainder of the month of October. Additional anti-bullying events are expected to be organized throughout the school year.

October 8: at Minersville; at Mahanoy Area
October 9: at Marian Catholic
October 15: at Schuylkill Haven; at Williams Valley
October 22: at Pine Grove
October 29: at Pottsville

Pottsville student, Emily Lascala, designed a t-shirt that is available for sale, as well. The shirt can be purchased at

“It is our hope that students, staff, and community members will wear their shirts to the scheduled white out games and other anti-bullying events throughout the school year. We encourage attendees to take pictures to share on social media and include the hashtag #skookstandsuptobullying. Our purpose in starting this initiative is to raise awareness of bullying and cyberbullying; educate students, parents, district personnel, and community members about their roles in the fight to stop bullying; and to work together with all stakeholder groups to create a safe, caring, bully-free environment for all of the children in Schuylkill County,” said Stacey Minahan, Assistant Director at the Schuylkill Technology Center South Campus. 

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