Friday, January 7, 2022

Congressman Meuser Calls on Supreme Court to Halt President Biden's Vaccine Mandate

On Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States began hearing oral arguments in cases challenging President Biden's administration COVID-19 vaccine or testing requirements for large employers and health care works.

A partial ruling by SCOTUS is possible on Friday or over the weekend due to the mandates going into effect on Monday.

On Friday morning, Congressman Dan Meuser (PA-09) released the following statement in regards to Friday's events.

Congressman Meuser said:
“Today the U.S. Supreme Court will consider enforcement of the Biden Administration’s vaccine and testing mandate. The Biden administration will be advocating for this big-government mandate that they are trying to inflict on our nation’s businesses of over 100 employees. Lower courts have already stopped its enforcement, yet tomorrow the Biden administration will argue for allowing this unconstitutional mandate to go forward.

“Testing lines and low supplies are already problematic, imagine the issues that will arise if this unconstitutional mandate is imposed, and the number of employees that will spend at least a day or two a week trying to get tested and waiting for their results.

“The Biden administration’s unconstitutional policies are affecting all of us. This administration needs to stand down from further disrupting workers and businesses and the courts need to continue to stand up for the American people. Everyone is feeling the detrimental cause and effect of the Biden “woke” agenda. If this is implemented, lines and the lack of COVID supplies will be far worse.

“Businesses throughout Pennsylvania and the country will further suffer under these heavy handed policies. The vast majority, if not 99% of businesses need their employees to carry out work, and their number one goal is to prioritize the safety of all individuals who work for them. Businesses are practicing safe distancing and other measures for the safety of their employees. We must stay safe and stay open. It is time to take a smarter approach to the COVID-19 virus rather than the heavy handed government approach taken by this administration and many blue states."