Friday, July 8, 2022

Hersheypark Announces Closure of Popular Rollercoaster

On Friday morning, Hersheypark announced the closure of one of its most popular rollercoasters.

The Wildcat, located at Hersheypark, opened in 1996 and was named after the park's first rollercoaster that was in operation from 1923 to 1945.

The wooden rollercoaster's first drop of over 100 feet reaches speeds up to 50 mph as it twists and turns over half a mile of track.

On Friday morning, the park announced via social media that the ride will officially close later this month on July 31st, 2022.

In the post, the park stated:

Last to ride alert!
Wildcat will close Sunday, July 31 so be sure to visit this month for one final ride.
Any suggestions on what we could do with 3,100 feet of wooden track?

The post stated that an announcement will be made later this year on what's next.

Photo posted by Hersheypark