Friday, August 12, 2022

Governor Wolf Calls on Legislature to Approve $2,000 Stimulus Checks for Pennsylvanians

Governor Wolf is asking the Pennsylvania State Legislature to approve checks for state residents.

On Friday morning, Governor Wolf tweeted the following:

I’m calling on the legislature to act on my plan to send $2,000 checks to Pennsylvanians ASAP.

I’ve heard from so many of you about how much this would mean to you and your families.

Our finances are in better shape than ever. We have the funds—and Pennsylvanians need the help.

Governor Wolf is renewing his push and asking the legislature, which doesn't return to session until mid to the end of September to pass a bill that would make direct payments to all Pennsylvanians. 

According to the tweet, Wolf says the state has the funds available.

The payments are part of a program called "PA Opportunity Program".

Republicans in both the House and the Senate have opposed the program and say stimulus checks like the Governor is proposing would contribute to the current county's inflation.

Rep. David Delloso ​(D-Delaware) and state Sen. Tina Tartaglione (D-Philadelphia) have introduced co-sponsorship in both legislatures to reintroduce the program.

According to a press release from the Governor on August 3rd, 2022:

“I first proposed the PA Opportunity Program back in February, but Republican leaders in the General Assembly just wouldn’t get on board with funding it in this year’s budget,” said Gov. Wolf. “However, as I’ve traveled the commonwealth, I’ve heard directly from so many people about how much this program would mean to them and their families. I’m not going to stop fighting until the people of Pennsylvania get the help they need and deserve.”

In February, Gov. Wolf unveiled a $1.7 billion proposal for Pennsylvania’s $2 billion in federal ​American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA​) dollars. While Democratic leaders in the Senate and House have introduced legislation, the Republican-led General Assembly did not appropriate the funding for the program during budget negotiations.

“This year’s budget made major investments in working families across the commonwealth, putting Pennsylvania on a pack to a brighter future, but we still have the funds to make this investment in the people of Pennsylvania right now,” said Gov Wolf. “People need help now, and we can afford to help them. Let’s put this cash back in the pockets of Pennsylvanians, to help cover the higher costs of gas, groceries, and everything else.”