Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Pennsylvania's Largest Indoor-Grown Leafy Greens Production Facility to Open in Schuylkill County

On Wednesday, Governor Josh Shapiro, Senator Dave Argall, and Representative Dane Watro joined Little Leaf Farms to announce the grand opening of the Commonwealth's largest indoor-grown leafy greens production facility in McAdoo.

The facility is scheduled to open this fall.

As part of its expansion, Little Leaf Farms - which produces packaged lettuce sustainably grown through controlled environment agriculture - will grow its presence in Carbon County and open its second facility in Pennsylvania.

Little Leaf Farms already owns 180 acres in McAdoo and opened its first 10-acre greenhouse in July 2022. The additional capacity of 10 acres in its expansion will allow Little Leaf Farms to increase its retail presence to nearly 5,000 grocery stores, making its fresh greens available at most major retailers from the Midwest to the Southeast, and employ nearly 170 Pennsylvania workers by the end of 2023. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has supported this growth with $3.5 million in Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grants.

"Pennsylvania has a proud agricultural heritage, and our agriculture sector is a key driver of our economy, contributing over $132 billion to our economy and supporting nearly 600,000 jobs," said Governor Shapiro. "I want to plant a flag and show the rest of the country that Pennsylvania is a leader in agriculture, job creation, and innovation - and Little Leaf Farms' investment in our Commonwealth is proof that the future is being grown right here in Carbon County. Pennsylvania is open for business and my Administration will continue to support our farmers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who want to grow and thrive here in the Commonwealth."