Friday, September 15, 2023

Bridge Closed Immediately in Hometown, Rush Township After Failed Bridge Inspection

PennDOT has announced a bridge closure in Rush Township after it failed a recent inspection.
The Lincoln Drive bridge in Hometown over Reading, Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad has been abruptly closed until further notice following a recent inspection that revealed substantial section loss and deterioration at the connection points of the main structural steel members. 

The closure, which took effect today, Friday, September 15th, 2023, has forced commuters and travelers to seek alternate routes. Motorists are being rerouted to Route 309.  Delays are anticipated as commuters adjust to the sudden change in their daily routes.

The Lincoln Drive bridge, a historical steel girder-floorbeam structure, was originally constructed in 1924. It spans a length of 38 feet and has a width of 25.2 feet. On an average day, the bridge accommodates approximately 1,384 vehicles.

Engineers and construction experts are expected to conduct a thorough assessment in the coming days to determine the extent of the damage and the estimated timeline for repairs.