Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Mrs. T’s Pierogies Prepares to Celebrate 15th Anniversary of National Pierogy Day with Merchandise Drops

In anticipation of National Pierogy Day on October 8th, Mrs. T’s Pierogies, the United States' leading producer of frozen pierogies, is gearing up to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this beloved holiday in style. 

Pierogy enthusiasts are in for a treat as the company has planned a week-long extravaganza featuring a range of trendy, limited-edition merchandise inspired by everyone's favorite dumpling dish.

Starting from October 2nd and running through October 8th, Mrs. T’s Pierogies will be delighting fans with a daily release of unique pierogy-themed items. Among the exciting merchandise drops are friendship bracelets, hats, and the highly coveted travel mug of the year, among other surprises.

To participate in this celebration, pierogy fans simply need to follow @mrstspierogies on Instagram and engage with the daily sweepstakes posts. By liking and commenting on these posts and including the hashtag #npdsweepstakes, fans can enter the contest for a chance to win fantastic pierogy-themed prizes. With new opportunities to win presented every day, fans are encouraged to stay engaged throughout the week to ensure they don't miss out on the latest pierogy-inspired surprises.

The celebration takes place from Monday, October 2nd, through Sunday, October 8th, exclusively on Mrs. T’s Pierogies' Instagram account, @mrstspierogies.

National Pierogy Day, an occasion to honor the beloved pierogy, was officially established in 2008. This celebration pays tribute to the day in 1952 when Ted Twardzik Sr., the son of Mrs. T, made his very first pierogy sale to a local grocery store in Shenandoah, PA. Mrs. T’s Pierogies has since become a household name, and their commitment to quality and innovation continues to shine through events like this one.

As the 15th anniversary of National Pierogy Day approaches, pierogy fans are encouraged to join in the festivities and indulge in their love for these delectable dumplings. With a week full of exciting merchandise drops and opportunities to win, Mrs. T’s Pierogies is set to make this year's celebration one to remember. Don't miss out on the chance to score some exclusive pierogy-inspired gear and join in the fun!