Tuesday, October 1, 2013

4 Undefeated Schuylkill County High School Football Teams

This season in high school football in Schuylkill County has been a memorable one.  We've seen the big districts that usually dominate the county lose and we now have 4 smaller districts who have gone undefeated for 5 weeks.  Those teams are Mahanoy Area, Tri-Valley, Pine Grove, and Williams Valley.

After week 6, the most we'll have is 3 teams undefeated. That's because this week, we'll see Williams Valley take on Pine Grove.

If Williams Valley survives, they won't get much of a break because the following week they will face an undefeated Tri-Valley (if they beat Millersburg this week.)

If Pine Grove survives, they'll have to wait until Week #9 to face Tri-Valley.

Unfortunately we won't see any of these 3 teams face Mahanoy Area, but let's not let them off the hook yet.  While they aren't undefeated,  Mahanoy will have to play against North Schuylkill, Schuylkill Haven, and Jim Thorpe, and one of their biggest rivals, Shenandoah Valley,  over the coming weeks.

By the end of the season, who do think will remain undefeated?

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