Monday, December 23, 2013

Schuylkill County Weather Forecast

Well, "springtime in winter" ended today with a good dose of rain and a strong cold front. The brisk feel of Old Man Winter is back just in time for Old Man Kris Kringle's visit tomorrow night and if the heavens have a Christmas miracle stored up for us, it rests in the possibility that a small disturbance and secondary cold front could drop a period or two of snow showers Christmas Eve afternoon and early evening. At the most, an inch could happen if one of those snow squalls set up shop over the area. At the least, maybe a coating or just some flurries. And while, if it does happen, it'll be might pretty, remember that people will be going to and fro tomorrow evening, so please be on the lookout for a sudden squall or two which could dust up the road and five minutes later, be gone. 

Then Christmas Day is just seasonally cold and dry. Dry actually for the foreseeable future beyond that.

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