Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Skook State of Mind" Video Going Viral Around Schuylkill County

A video made by a young man out of Deer Lake is going viral around Schuylkill County.

Matt Freiler, from Deer Lake,  was bored last Wednesday and began writing lyrics.  By that evening, he had "Skook State of Mind".

When asked about how long it took him to write it,

"To be completely honest here, I wrote the song in about a day. I started it out of boredom in class last Wednesday and finished it up that night. Songwriting is just something that I've always loved & comes easy to me."  Freiler said.

Just Tuesday alone, according to Freiler, the video was shared 750 times and as of the end of the day Tuesday, it had been shared a total of 1,600 times on Facebook.

Freiler plans on recording the song in a studio and making an official video for the song.

We had mixed reactions on the video via our Facebook page.  Some people loved it and commented that everything about the video was the truth about Schuykill County.  Others disliked it due to the fact that it made the county look bad and the language used.

What do you think of the video?

You can view the video on Facebook at

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