Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Man Homeless, Dog Dies in Fire in Schuylkill Township

Image from TamaquArea.com
Around 5:30am Tuesday, crews were called to Old Route 209 Road near Tamaqua for a house fire.  When crews around they found flames and heavy smoking coming from the home.

It didn't take long for crews to get the blaze under control but the home was already too far damaged.

The man's dog did not survive the fire.

The fire is reported to have been started by a space heater too close to a coach.

Responding to the fire were Tamaqua Police, State Police, Tamaqua Fire , Tuscorara Fire, New Philadelphia Fire, Walker Twp Fire, Coaldale Fire, West Penn Fire, Ryan Twp. EMS, and Pottsville Fire.

Members of the Tamaqua Salvation Army, American Red Cross and Tamaqua Volunteers group are offering help. Volunteers stressed that any donations (no matter what) can be offered by calling (570) 668-1837 or (570) 778-6142.