Thursday, November 20, 2014

Brewer's Outlet Mural to Be Preserved

A group from Pottsville has been working hard to preserve a piece of Pottsville history.

It was announced last month that the Brewer's Outlet would be closing and the fate of a mural, painted by Dave Naydock was in question.

The group behind saving the mural announced some good news

"We have received official notification from the realty group as of 11/19 that the mural on the Brewer's Outlet will be preserved, thru the demolition of the building. " was posted to their Facebook Page early Thursday."

They also said "We thank them for their cooperation... We will continue respecting their wish to keep this low-keyed without " fanfare ". we have been humbled with this news. We ask that you honor that as well. As we continue to work towards making the best choices in taking this forward."

Congratulations to those who have worked hard on this project.

Link to "Save Dave Naydock's Mural at Brewer's Outlet" Facebook page

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