Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Heroin, Meth, and Bath Salts Account for Wednesday's Drug Arrests

On Wednesday, 76 arrest warrants were issued in a widespread drug bust in the Shenandoah area.

Heroin accounted for most of the arrests but also included Meth and Bath Salts

WBRE sat down with District Attorney Christine Holman to discuss the impact of drugs on the county.

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  1. The DA says to call your local police if you see drug activity because they take every call seriously. That's a joke because here in Ashland these cops know what is going on and where and they just turn a blind eye to it. Nothing will ever get done here unless they do like they did in this bust. Not much you can do when you have 1 full time cop and then they decide to hire a boro worker instead of another cop. So now instead of 1 boro working riding around in our truck we now have 2! The drugs are real bad in Ashland but nothing will ever be done.