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Final Regular Season High School Football Power Rankings

Final Regular Season High School Football Power Rankings

1. North Schuylkill Spartans: (10-0-0) - (W10) *Qualified for 2A Districts*
Points For: 422(42.2/game)
Points Against: 108(10.8/game)
Points Differential: (+314)

2. Lehighton Indians: (8-2-0) - (W5) *Qualified for 3A Districts*
Points For: 355(35.5/game)
Points Against: 130(13.0/game)
Points Differential: (+225)

3. Blue Mountain Eagles: (8-2-0) - (W6) *Qualified for EC 3A Playoffs*
Points For: 272(27.2/game)
Points Against: 108(10.8/game)
Points Differential: (+164)

4. Jim Thorpe Olympians: (7-3-0) - (L3) *Season Finished*
Points For: 202(20.2/game)
Points Against: 173(17.3/game)
Points Differential: (+29)

5. Marian Catholic Colts: (7-3-0) - (W4) *Qualified for 1A Districts*
Points For: 286(28.6/game)
Points Against: 146(14.6/game)
Points Differential: (+140)

6. Williams Valley Vikings: (6-4-0) - (L1) *Qualified for 1A Districts*
Points For: 249(24.9/game)
Points Against: 185(18.5/game)
Points Differential: (+64)

7. Tamaqua Blue Raiders: (5-5-0) - (L3) *Season Finished*
Points For: 211(21.1/game)
Points Against: 168(16.8/game)
Points Differential: (+43)

8. Mahanoy Area Golden Bears: (5-5-0) - (W2) *Qualified for 1A Districts*
Points For: 195(19.5/game)
Points Against: 241(24.1/game)
Points Differential: (-46)

9. Pine Grove Cardinals: (5-5-0) - (W1) *Qualified for EC 2A Playoffs*
Points For: 177(17.7/game)
Points Against: 217(21.7/game)
Points Differential: (-40)

10. Tri Valley Bulldogs: (5-5-0) - (L1) *Qualified for EC 1A Playoffs*
Points For: 202(20.2/game)
Points Against: 192(19.2/game)
Points Differential: (+10)

11. Schuylkill Haven Hurricanes: (4-6-0) - (L2) *Season Finished*
Points For: 260(26.0/game)
Points Against: 221(22.1/game)
Points Differential: (+39)

12. Minersville Miners: (3-7-0) - (W2) *Season Finished*
Points For: 133(13.3/game)
Points Against: 303(30.3/game)
Points Differential: (-170)

13. Nativity BVM Green Wave: (4-6-0) - (L1) *Season Finished*
Points For: 230(23.0/game)
Points Against: 352(35.2/game)
Points Differential: (-122)

14. Panther Valley Panthers: (1-9-0) - (L6) *Season Finished*
Points For: 77(7.7/game)
Points Against: 336(33.6/game)
Points Differential: (-259)

15. Pottsville Crimson Tide: (0-10-0) - (L10) *Season Finished*
Points For: 82(8.2/game)
Points Against: 409(40.9/game)
Points Differential: (-327)

16. Shenandoah Valley Blue Devils: (0-10-0) - (L10) *Season Finished*
Points For: 54(5.4/game)
Points Against: 366(36.6/game)
Points Differential: (-312)


(*=Schuylkill County Teams)
1st. Round of Districts: District XI
Class 3A:
#4-*Lehighton Indians(8-2-0) v.s. #1-Bethlehem Catholic Hawks(9-1-0)
Class 2A:
#4-Palmerton Blue Bombers(7-3-0) v.s. #1-*North Schuylkill Spartans(10-0-0)
Class 1A:
#3-*Williams Valley Vikings(6-4-0) v.s. #2-*Marian Catholic Colts(7-3-0)
#4-*Mahanoy Area Golden Bears(5-5-0) v.s. #1-Pius X(8-2-0)


1st. Round of EC Playoffs:
Class 3A:
#4-Wilkes-Barre Coughlin Crusaders(6-4-0) v.s. #1-*Blue Mountain Eagles(8-2-0)
Class 2A:
#4-*Pine Grove Cardinals(5-5-0) v.s. #1-Hanover Area Hawkeyes(6-4-0)
Class 1A:
#4-Line Mountain Eagles(5-5-0) v.s. #1-*Tri Valley Bulldogs(5-5-0)

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