Thursday, February 12, 2015

Animal Carcasses Find in Walls of Home

A family in Auburn made a shocking discovery when they attempted to insult their home.

In a story posted by WNEP, a family found that their home was insulated with dozens of dead animal carcasses, half-used spices, and other items filled behind layers of drywall.

The family began a GoFundMe since their insurance won't cover the costs for repair

The families story

In June of 2012, my husband and I made an amazing and discouraging discovery that turned our newly purchased dream home into a nightmare. Answering many questions, but raising so many more, we found after less than one year of owning the home, built in the 1930's, the walls were filled, not with insulation as we were hoping to insert, but instead filled from floor to ceiling with the carcasses of dead animals (mostly chickens) and other ritualistic relics. As we disassembled the walls where our children slept, what we found was indescribable, but could only be truely understood with pictures.

The resulting outcome became even more horrifying as our home owners insurance denied our claim, stating that we bought the policy, only AFTER the chickens were placed in the walls.
The resulting outcome lead to the never-ending clean-up that drained our life saving and put us in debt that has overcome us financially, physically, and emotionally, as we are left with the sole responsibilty of gutting and remodeling our once thought "perfect" home.
Adding to our dispair, our children have suffered serious and negative health effects of living amid the black and green mold coating the exterior walls of our home. 

Barrett, who is now three years old, suffered from not one, but two seizures at age nine months, related to uncontrolled fevers of 105 degrees. (Occuring prior to the discovery of carcasses in the wall). His constant sickness began after 4 months of age, when he was weaned from breast milk, and began sleeping in one of the debris filled rooms. Although doctors could see he was sick, they offered no solution to why regular medications as tylenol and motrin were ineffective in reducing his high fevers.
Levi, age 21 months suffers from asthma for which mold is a major contributor.
We have incured major and unmanagable medical expenses to help treat our children, only further putting us in debt. Notedly, we had no prior debt of any kind until the discovery of what laid within our walls.
Although we have explored many avenues to aliviate the problems associated owning with a condemnable house, all efforts have become dead-ends and we have found we are "stuck" owning and living in what we now call "The chicken coop".
Link to WNEP's full story

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