Sunday, February 15, 2015

K-Mart Space at Schuylkill Mall Listed for Lease

Is the K-Mart anchor location in the Schuylkill Mall available for lease?

It was brought to our attention a couple of weeks ago that the Listing Broker for the Schuylkill Mall, CBRE, had the K-Mart anchor space in the Schuylkill Mall listed as available for lease.

We reached out to the Schuylkill Mall's manager, Elaine Maneval, and she was able to confirm the following to Skook News

"The K-Mart space is listed for lease, as they have not yet renewed their existing lease. Since it is an anchor location, the Landlord has the right to seek potential lessees, and leasing an anchor space can take a long time; so if the tenant doesn’t renew, the Landlord is ahead of the leasing game.

That does not mean, however, that the location is closing, or that the tenant is not going to enter into a new lease with the Landlord."

Maneval said that they have not received any communications from either party regarding the lease and that the Landlord will list the lease to stay in front of potential vacancies.

K-Mart was one of  3 original anchor stores when the mall opened in October of 1980, along with Hess' and Sears.

If K-Mart were to ever leave the Schuylkill Mall, what kind of store would you like to see take it's place?


  1. I would love Target to come to the area.

  2. Tear it down and build a big strip mall. Target will come then.

  3. Target is too "upscale" for the Skook. As is Olive Garden, Red Lobster. Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Taco Bell and Subway are par for the course in Skook.Since the mall opened in 1980 Skook lost over 13,500 people. Thats almost the population of Pottsville. Don't forget too, that of the present population, over 5,000 people can't shop because they are behind bars in four prisons!

  4. Sad to see that over the years many things have been let go in this building and repairs pushed aside. There are more unoccupied spaces then occupied, I think the mall will be closing completely.