Sunday, February 1, 2015

Two Head-On Crashes on Route 309 on Saturday

Emergency personnel were busy Saturday, after cleaning up 3 motor vehicle accidents, 2 of which were head on, in the same area on Route 309 in Rush Township.
The first accident, which happened around 12:45pm, occurred near the Rush/Kline Township line and involved a van and a SUV hitting each other head-on.  11 people were injured in the crash and seven were transported via helicopters to local hospitals.


The second crash, which happened around 3pm, occurred near the one mile hill and involved and SUV and a tractor trailer.  One person was reported to have been taken to the hospital.


The third crash, which happened around 10:30pm, and occurred almost in the same location as the first near the Rush/Kline Township line, involved two vehicles crashing head-on.  Three people were reported to have been taken to the hospital with injuries.  Route 309 was closed for about 45 minutes while the crash was cleaned up.

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