Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4-H Club Participates in Clover Campaign

Blue Mt. 4-H Livestock Club members will be helping to kick off the Tractor Supply Company spring Clover Campaign. This will be done on Monday, April 28 at the Tractor Supply Store in St. Clair. Blue Mt. 4-H Livestock Club’s participation on this day will be in about the middle of the 4-H Clover Campaign. Tractor Supply Clover Campaign will start April 22 and run through May 3. In this campaign customers are asked at checkout to make a donation to 4-H by purchasing a 4-H Clover.

On Monday, April 28 4-H’er from this club will be available to help customers with carrying their purchases to the car. They will also be there to engage customers in a light discussion about raising livestock. Some of the 4-H’ers will share some of that knowledge gained about their animal in the posters that will be displayed with five facts about that specie of animal. Knowledgeable facts like sheep do not have upper teeth or that cows, sheep and goats are ruminants meaning that they have four stomachs. These few facts mentioned here and a lot more can be learned from these knowledgeable 4-H’ers by just asking questions.

Club members will also encourage shoppers to participate in hands on activity by making a living four leaf clover. Taking paper egg cartons cut into four holders and filling each holder with soil will start participants on their way to making their own four leaf clover. To each of the four egg holders some white clover seeds will be added by participants. A little moisture is added to each egg holder and it is slipped into a zip lock bag and sealed. Participants take the four leaf clover home and place it in a sunny window and within a few days the seeds will have sprouted and participants are on their way to having their own four leaf clover. The clover while in the Zip lock bag will become a self-watering operation and needs little attention. After the clover has sprouts the carton is removed from the bag. The clover will still need plenty of sunlight and a little moisture to grow and bloom.

Come out and speak with these knowledgeable 4-H about how they are raising their livestock. Make a living 4-H clover and purchase a clover from the 4-H Clover Campaign. Help the Blue Mt. 4-H Livestock turn the store “green” with 4-H Paper Clovers.

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