Monday, April 13, 2015

McCann School of Business Hosts Live Once Event for High School Students

The Pottsville Campus of McCann School of Business & Technology hosted the “Live Once” event on Monday, April 13, 2015.
Live Once is a collaborative event with various community partners designed to educate high school juniors and seniors about avoiding destructive decisions. 5 county High Schools, including: Schuylkill Haven, Blue Mountain, Pottsville, Mahanoy Area and Pine Grove, sent students to the event. Approximately 190 high school students were in attendance at the event.

The Community Partners included:
  • Bill McQuilken, Trauma Prevention Specialist with Leigh Valley Health Network presented the Distracted Driving Simulators.
  • District Attorney Christine Holman and Detective Martin Heckman discussed the heroine epidemic in Schuylkill County as well the new “Good Samaritan” Bill.
  • Attorney Lori Schafer Guzick spoke very personally about the loss of her nephew to a distracted driver.
  • Diane Rowland of Schuylkill County Drug and Alcohol showed a moving slide show with photos of the impact that repeated drug use has on a person’s appearance and body.
  • Patrolman Pugh of the Pottsville Police Department presented information about the implications of intoxicated driving.
  • State Policeman Kazakavage showcased his K9 dog and gave demonstrations of how the dog is used in law enforcement.
  • James Minnich and Dale Repp, McCann Criminal Justice Instructors, conducted a Car Accident Reconstruction session.
  • Schuylkill County DUI Coordinator, Kyla Snyder, discussed the consequences of a DUI Arrest.
  • The DUI Memorial Wall was on site which memorializes DUI Victims.
  • Representatives of Tobash Insurance and WBRE TV were on site with “No Texting Pledges” for students to sign.
  • Representatives of the Army, Air Force and Marines were on site to discuss how making a destructive decision at an early age can hamper career choices.

Lori Kane, Community Relations Specialist for McCann School of Business & Technology, was integral in bringing the event to Schuylkill County after hearing Attorney Lori Schafer Guzick speak about her personal experiences with distracted driving. “I felt it is was important to educate high school students about how even one mistake, such taking your eyes of the road for a split second, can have dangerous consequences and hopefully prevent students from making those destructive choices,” said Kane.

Commissioner Gary Hess was in attendance to listen to speakers and support the event. Pictured is Commission Gary Hess speaking with Bill McQuilkin about the distracted driving simulators provided by Lehigh Valley Health Network.

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