Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hillside SPCA Volunteer Wins 1 of 4 First Place Prizes in Purina Contest

The Hillside SPCA has won 1 of 4 First Places Prizes in a contest ran by Purina.

Desiree Muench, a volunteer for the Hillside SPCA announced Thursday afternoon that she is the winner of the first places prizes in contest.  It involved everyone to vote via the company's web site for the Shelter Volunteer of the Year.

For winning, the Hillside SPCA will be granted a cash reward of $5000 for the Hillside Cats. They will also be receiving an additional cash award of $1000 and a $1250 Purina Cat Chow Cat Care Package.

With a fundraiser that took place this past Sunday, approximately $12,000 has been raise for Hillside Cats.