Thursday, July 23, 2015

Orwigsburg Post Office to Close Temporarily

The United States Postal Service has notified Orwigsburg residents that their post office will be closed temporarily.

Skook News has learned from the USPS that beginning Saturday, July 26th, the Orwigsburg Post Office will closing temporarily for environmental concerns.

The USPS is currently working with the owner of the building to repair the site.

According USPS spokesperson, Karen Mazurkiewicz, "Delivery customers will notice little change as carriers begin/end their day from Pottsville, 450 North Centre Street. Orwigsburg Post Office Box customers will be required to go to Pottsville to retrieve their mail."

"We are in the process of providing the information to all customers – via letters and postcards – regarding this temporary suspension of services." Mazurkiewicz said.