Thursday, April 28, 2016

Abatement Work to Begin at Schuylkill County Courthouse

Early this year some concerns relating to Radon in the Schuylkill County Courthouse were raised and the Board of Commissioners responded proactively by engaging a professional environment firm to test and subsequently propose an abatement plan.

Pursuant to testing and analysis, levels of Radon were found to minimally elevated within certain locations in the Courthouse.   Although these levels were well below any unacceptable levels as set by OSHA and EPA, the Board entered into a contract with Air Care & Restoration Co. and Next Step Environmental Services to abate the radon levels and to ensure that the public and County employees feel safe in our Courthouse.  This project will take approximately four to six weeks to complete.

Concurrent with the activities associated with Radon testing, the Board was advised of a concern relating to the possibility of mold within the building.  The Board again proactively engaged Air Care & Restoration Co. to test and remediate within four specific areas which had been brought to the attention of the Board.  The environmental company assessed these four office areas.  While the inspection did find some minimal areas of non-toxic mold inside two of the air handling units, the air sampling did not reveal elevated or untypical airborne levels of mold in these four offices.  In face, levels of mold in the officers were far below levels of mold found outside.  These areas were then removed and the duct systems cleaned.  The board has been assured that there is no need to close off any of these offices or to restrict any daily activity within these offices.

The safety of the public and County employees is of utmost concern to the Board of Commissioners.  Therefore, based on the environmental testing and work to date the Board has continued to discuss plans for future testing of the building and is in negotiations with the environmental firms to assess additional levels of testing recommended for the building  These negotiations should conclude shortly and additional indoor air quality testing will be undertaken.