Sunday, August 14, 2016

Schuylkill County Dog Goes on Fire Truck Ride and A Long Adventure Home

A dog from Auburn scratches off an item on her bucket list but also goes on a long adventure home.

Sophie, a 3 year old Black Labrabull, part Labrador Retriever and part Pit Bull, from Auburn, went on an adventure on Saturday.

Sophie is a very special dog to Dan and Emily Reed, Auburn. 

They live near the Auburn Fire Company and since the day they adopted Sophie, she has been amazed by what goes on at the fire company across the street from their home. 

When Sophie hears the fire sirens go off or hears the trucks pulling out of the firehouse, you can find her sitting in the window looking out.  She then paces back and forth from the window and Emily or Dan to let her out so she can get a better view of the action.   Sophie also loves watching the fire truck parades.

Dan, Emily, and Sophie have become friends with the department over the years so earlier this year, they asked if the fire company could take Sophie for a ride one day.  They happily agreed and said they would take Sophie in their next parade.

Fast forward to this past Saturday, August 12th, when the fire company held their annual fire truck parade and pig roast.

Sophie's buddy, Shawn, from the fire company came over and picked her up before the truck left for the parade and took her with him, 

The parade started about a mile out of town to line the trucks up and meet up with the other fire companies where they got out to sit in the grass and hang out, 

But when it was time to get ready one of the trucks who Sophie wasn't used to blew it's siren, it startled her and she slipped from her harness. 

The guys nearby tried to calm her and catch her but she was too quick and already decided that she was heading home.

The firemen knew they weren't going to catch her on foot and she was already heading in the direction of home, so they began following her in their truck.  The firemen also announced over their speakers notifying residence to keep watch for Sophie, and to clear a safe path home.

Back home, Dan and Emily were waiting for the parade to arrive when down the street they could see the firetruck and figured the parade was about to start.  But there was Sophie running just ahead of the truck where she turned the corner and ran straight home.

Dan and Emily say her route home is a common route for her, because it's where she goes for her normal walk.  They were just surprised she didn't stop by the Schuylkill River where she likes to go for a swim on hot days.

Sophie was a rescue from the Hillside SPCA.  She was under the age of 1 when Dan and Emily adopted her.