Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tamaqua Area Football Player Fulfills Dream

Many of us attend football games not only to watch the games but to just be there in that atmosphere.  The socializing, the sights, the smells, and the sounds.  But what if the sounds were not there.  The play calling, the sound of helmets hitting, or the sound of crowd screaming.

For one Schuylkill County football player, he knows that feeling.

Dominick Noel, 16, a junior at Tamaqua High School, is playing his first year on the varsity team, but one thing that is even more different for him, is that he is deaf.

Dominick has been deaf since birth but that hasn't stopped him from enjoying his passion for football.  He has played football growing up for Pottsville before he moved to the Tamaqua Area.

Dominick has spent the first 3 games of the 2016 season cheering his team from the sidelines but this past Friday, he finally got to live out a dream.

Tamaqua Area was ahead in the fourth quarter when his teammates were tapping him on the shoulder telling him to get in the game.

Dominick was able to play three snaps on defense and even recorded a tackle.

Local news has covered Dominick's story this week and Tamaqua Area's Football Fan page was also on hand to document the moment on video. (See below)

Dominick hopes to continue playing football through college and hopes to one day make it to the NFL.  
He says his favorite teams are Penn State, Notre Dame, Temple, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tamaqua Raiders Football Page