Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tamaqua Police Officer Joins in on Basketball Game

Photo Submitted by Jenna Kachelries
While some Tamaqua kids were enjoying the warm weather and playing basketball, a borough Police Officer decided to join in.

Tamaqua Patrolman Jeremy Sborz says, on Monday afternoon, he was on patrol near the South Ward Playground, Tamaqua, when he says some kids enjoying the weather, and playing some basketball and decided to join in on their game.

Sborz walked up to the kids and asked if he could join in.  He says at first the kids were confused as to why the officer was walking up to them, but when he asked if he could play, they were excited to play against him.

Sborz says he played basketball with the kids for about an hour.

Jenna Kachelries, of Tamaqua, was driving by at the time when she saw them playing basketball and returned to take these photos.

Photo Submitted by Jenna Kachelries