Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Police Issue Advisory to Warn Residents About Phone Scam

Police are alerting residents of a phone scam that was reported in our area.
According to the Pottsville Police Department,  a recent phone scam was reported this weekend in the area that utilized a male caller claiming to be a police officer stating that a relative of the call recipient had been arrested and was in jail. 

In order to secure his release the female victim was ordered to purchase Best Buy gift cards to pay for his release. 

The caller then had the victim buy the cards and provide the pin numbers for each card over the phone so that the caller could claim the monetary amount. 

This most recent event originated from a number with a 438 area code that is registered to a Quebec address. The caller then called again the next day stating that he needed additional gift cards, this time from Target.

Police remind all citizens are reminded to refrain from offering any personal information and/or monetary payments to unverified callers on the phone, or on the internet, and to contact police immediately for any suspicious communications.