Thursday, May 18, 2017

Additional Details Released on Child Endangerment Case near Cressona

On Thursday, Representatives of the State Police at Schuylkill Haven, Sergeant Fred Krute, Public Information Office Trooper David Boehm and Corporal Hess released additional information during a press conference on the child endangerment case near Cressona where 3 children were found left alone in a home.

On Wednesday, members from Pennsylvania State Police - Schuylkill Haven responded 316 Chestnut St., North Manheim Township, near Cressona along with a representative from Schuylkill County Children and Youth Services to check the welfare of three children.

The Troopers knocked on the door of the residence with no response.

Troopers made entry into the residence and discovered the children just inside the front door.

Police found 22-month-old male child that was locked inside a homemade cage that was constructed from plywood and lattice and it had a door on it which was locked from the outside.

They also found a 1 year old boy that was in a play pen and a 1 day old baby girl restrained in a car seat.

The baby girl was transported via ambulance to the Lehigh Valley Health Network Hospital for evaluation.

All the children were taken into custody by the Pennsylvania State Police and then custody transferred to Schuylkill County Children and Youth Services.

Police say Cecil Eugene Kutz, 37, of Pottsville returned to the residence after being called by Children and Youth and was placed into custody by PSP Schuylkill Haven members.

Kutz, was charged with 3 counts of Endangering the Welfare of Children and 3 counts of Reckless Endangering Another person.

Kutz was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge David Plachko and locked up in Schuylkill County Prison unable to post $250,000.00 straight bail.

At the press conference, police say the mother, Tiffany George, gave birth to the newborn at home around 9:00pm Tuesday night.  After complication with the birth, George was transferred to an area hospital for treatment.

Police say Kutz left the 3 children at home while he want to the hospital to visit George.

Police reported that the children were all in good health but described the condition of the home as "deplorable".

The "makeshift" cage that child was locked in was described as so small that the child could not even stand up in it.

Police said that George has not been charged, but the incident is still under investigation


  1. Jezzz...what the hell is this world coming too....

  2. Many comments on the "cage" but what about the 1-day-old infant "restrained" in the car seat. Think how tiny that infant is and not having any care, formula, or clean diapers. Same for the 1-year-old care, no food, no clean diapers. I cannot imagine someone would leave that baby alone knowing all the care a new infant needs. :(

  3. Cressona can now lay claim to having the youngest child abuse victim. Only 1 day old and abused the second it exited the womb. Hope a lawyer sues them on the child's behalf