Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Police Investigating Card Skimming at Gas Station near Frackville

West Mahanoy Township Police are currently investigating a report of a skimming device being found at a gas station near Frackville.

Police are reporting that the skimming device was installed in a pump at the Exxon Gas Station located at 541 Altamont Boulevard near Frackville between June 18th and June 19th.

Anyone who paid a the pump between the above dates should check their credit/debit card statements for any fraudulent purchases. 

If any fraudulent purchases are discovered contact West Mahanoy Township Police at (570) 462-2360.
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  1. Hmmm...Tiger's Den in st. Clair is EXXON; newest station hit us EXXON only about 6 miles away...maybe someone should look into PERSONNEL SIMILARITIES!!!

  2. I can tell you one thing i have stopped paying at the pump