Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tex Mex Diner Renovating, Not Closing

Even though a newspaper ran a story that a diner in Pottsville is closing, the manager is stating otherwise.

Myriam Gonzalez, manager of the Tex Mex Diner, in Pottsville, is telling it's customers that they are NOT closing and will be back.

On Thursday, the Republican Herald ran a story reporting that the windows were covered with paper and ran a headline that it had closed.

They also cited that the diner's landlord had been behind on taxes.

The newspaper ran the story without a comment from the owner or a manager but Gonzalez has given Skook News an update.

Gonzalez says that the diner had closed due to family problems and while the diner is closed, it is renovating.

Gonzalez says that after the story ran, she has received many messages and appreciates the support.  The dinner is scheduled to open in a week or two.

The Republican Herald has since changed the headline of the story online.

**Submitted photos are of the renovations being done.

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