Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Police Raising Awareness for Safe Travel During First Days of School

Most area schools start the 2017-2018 school year on Monday August 28th and to help raise awareness for safe travel of all students in the city of Pottsville the Pottsville Bureau of Police will be conducting extra mobile and foot patrols during the first days of school. 

Mayor James T. Muldowney and the police department will once again be utilizing a program they have named “Safe School Start.”  

During the first days of school uniformed officers’ independent of regular patrol duties, will participate in specialized patrols concentrating on highlighting public awareness and enforcement of existing PA Vehicle Code restrictions with particular emphasis being placed on school travel safety issues such as school zone safe speeds, distracted driving, and duties at a school bus.   Officers will also be focusing on promoting safe pedestrian travel practices by students.  

Chief Wojciechowsky and the Pottsville Bureau of Police ask everyone to cooperate in creating the absolute safest environment for our students by employing extra caution and vigilant safety practices on a regular basis throughout not only the first week of school but the entire school year. 
  • Leave Early
  • Always be alert
  • Look out for all children as if they are your own
  • Please remind another person to do the same.  

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