Saturday, September 16, 2017

Man Found to be Wanted on Out of State Assault Charges After Disturbance

A man was found to be wanted on assault charges in Maryland after causing a disturbance in Ashland on Friday.

According to Ashland Police, on Friday, around 7:00pm, Officer Daley was dispatched for a disturbance in the area of 7 West Centre Street.  Witness reported that a male was intoxicated running in traffic, chasing people, and acting out of control.

Another witness also report that the same male was to have been hanging on wires from the roof of a home, then fell off and went into the witnesses home briefly then left.

When police arrived they found Israel Crespo-Silvas,  27, Hampton, Virginia stumbling all over the place.

When police approached, Crespo-Silvas immediately laid on the ground.  After a brief struggle, he was taken into custody.

After taking him into custody, police found that he was wanted by the State of Maryland on 4 counts of assault in the second degree.

Butler Township Police also assisted in the incident.