Friday, September 8, 2017

Schuylkill County Natives Affected by Hurricane Irma

Schuylkill County natives, now living in Florida, are preparing as Hurricane Irma approaches.

By Skook News Editor Jay Reed

Hurricane Irma, now a Category 4 storm, reached startling levels when it measured over 185mph winds and was labeled a Category 5 storm.  It had earned the right to be called the strongest hurricane ever measured.

The storm has since weakened a little but has set it's sights on Florida.  The sunshine state is expected to take the worst of the dangerous storm starting early Sunday.

While the forecast is unclear for Pennsylvania and Schuylkill County regarding the storm, there are natives from Schuylkill County that are living in Florida that are affected.

Skook News has been in contact about 3 dozens of Schuylkill County natives ranging from those that are staying, to those that have evacuated to neighboring states, and even a few that are back here in Schuylkill County.

Others we've spoken to have family and friends that are staying behind.

They've all said the same thing that National News is reporting.  Gas has been hard to find and traffic has been horrible from everyone who is evacuating.

Some are scared and worried while others have been through Hurricanes before and feel confident they will be alright.

Those in southern Florida have already left due to the evacuations ordered but some are waiting to leave until they are told to do so.

Sarah Devine, of South Tampa, a native of Mahanoy City, travelled to north Florida to ride out the storm with her daughter.

Susan Thrift, of St. Augustine, a native of Tamaqua, has lived in Florida since 1981, been through numerous storms and is riding out the storm.

Patty Burns, from Naples, has travelled back to Lehighton to ride out the storm.

Dorreen Phillips, originally from Hometown, also lives in St. Augustine and is not evacuating.

We will be keeping in touch with these County natives and others throughout the storm and keep  you updated on what they are experiencing.

Continue to follow Skook News throughout the weekend for those updates.

Keep everyone affected by the storm in your prayers.

For other weather updates, be sure to follow a local trustworthy weather source that has been tracking the storm all week.

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