Friday, October 20, 2017

Mahanoy Area to Seek Restitution from Culprit of Threat This Week

Mahanoy Area officials have said, once found, they will seek restitution from the culprit of this week's threat.

On Wednesday, the Mahanoy Area School District was dismissed early after a threat was found in a bathroom. 

Students were initially evacuated to safe spots from the building, but due to concern for the safety of children and staff and time constraints with clearing the building, students are being dismissed.

The district is still looking for a culprit, but once found, administration says the student will pay for money lost that day.

According to Superintendent Joie Green, "Administration is working diligently today to determine who is responsible for this. Students need to realize the severity of repercussions of committing these acts.

Not only did our students lose their education from this unnecessary disruption but the district had to throw away all the food that was to be served for lunch, and taxpayer dollars were wasted. Once it is established who is responsible, the student will not only be held responsible but the district will seek restitution as well."
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