Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Debris from Southwest Flight 1380 May Have Fallen in Northern Berks County

Police say debris from Southwest Flight 1380 may have fallen in northern Berks County on Tuesday.

Around 10:30am Tuesday morning, Southwest Flight 1380 flew out of La Guardia Airport bound for Dallas.

About 20 minutes into flight, the aircraft was flying at about 32,500 feet when the left engine exploded, causing a debris to hit a window, almost sucking a passenger out through the window.

Passengers were able to pull the passenger back inside but the victim later died.

Pilots were able to control the aircraft with one engine back to Philadelphia where the plane landed safely.

Police are now reporting that the events that unfolded at 32,500 feet occurred over northern Berks County.

Trooper Beohm, Public Information Officer for the Pennsylvania State Police Troop L, reports that debris may have fallen over northern Berks County from the aircraft.

If you should find any debris, please contact FBI Allentown at (610) 433-6488.

UPDATE: (12:15PM) - Debris has been found in the Bernville area.

Below is radar and radio chatter from the events that unfolded Tuesday morning.

Photo Credit:  Joe Marcus

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