Friday, May 10, 2019

Shenandoah Valley Band Asking for Votes to Help Win $100,000 Worth of New Instruments

The Shenandoah Valley Band is asking for help to win contest where they could win $100,000 worth of equipment.

The Manilow Music Project was started by singer and songwriter Barry Manilow.  the project has donated thousands of instruments to schools nationwide and has also awarded scholarships to universities.

This year, a contest was started for high schools to enter and win the chance to win $100,000 worth of instruments.

Shenandoah Valley Band Director John Shoener found the contest and entered.

Shoener says he entered the contest due to the amount of interest the students have in the program.  "Our program, especially at the elementary level, is exploding with interest in our program" said Shoener.

The band made a video and submitted and if they win, Barry Manilow will deliver the instruments himself to the school.

Please consider voting at

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