Monday, July 8, 2019

Truck and Tractor Pulls Returning to the Schuylkill County Fair

The Schuylkill County Fair will once again hold truck and tractor pulls.

For the ninth year the Schuylkill County Fair will have truck pulls. Local pullers will get their chance on Monday, July 29th. Monday night local diesel and gas truck pullers may compete for the bragging rights of being Schuylkill County Fair truck puller for 2019 in their respective classes. This night is for both diesel and gas powered trucks which is just like last year on the track. In addition to local Diesel/Gas Trucks Pulling, Street Semi’s will take the track as well.

These diesel and gas powered trucks are a work vehicle, designed to haul cargo or pull trailers, right? That perception has been changed by gear heads. Schuylkill County Fair invites all diesel pickups or gas pickups to test their skills and horsepower on the track. Entrants may come from all over the area. These events are sure to excite the crowd who gather to watch.

Tuesday, track activities starting at 7 PM will be all about Lucas Oil/ East Coast National Pull where the dirt churning gear grinding Multi-Engine Modified Tractors, Hot Farm Tractors, Limited Pro Stock Semi’s, and East Coast Diesel-Pro Diesel, FWD Trucks will light up the track. New to the lineup this evening is the Multi-Engine Modified Tractors.

The crowd who gather to watch the events on Wednesday evening at 7PM are sure to satisfy again with the roar of powerful engines. This evening’s event is the much enjoyed Celebrity Tractor Pull. Bragging rights are at stake here as local celebrities take their turn pushing the petal to the
metal. Rounding out the evening are more pulls with the Tractor Pull & Farm Stock Pulls which is new this year. Stock Farm tractors will pull this evenings. Classes for this event are for stock tractors weighing seven hundred and fifty pound through fifteen hundred pounds.

Registration for all the evening track events begins at 4PM.

The track for pulling, which has been used for Antique Tractor Pulls, has been improved by lengthening and re- resurfacing. If rain occurs, it will not dampen the fun. The track will be covered with a tarp to protect it. Keeping the track covered will make for a great evening of tractor pulls. The pulling sled is rented and ready to go from Crouse.

Truck pulling is a fine mixture of horsepower, traction, and chassis setup on a 4 WD vehicle that is attached by a heavy chain to a weighted sled. The further your truck pulls the sled, the more stress and pressure it will experience along the track. By the end of the track, even the most powerful trucks will be stopped cold by extremely large forces created by the awesome amount of weight bearing down upon the sled. Some trucks will break under the pressure, and you may witness drive-shafts and axles twisting into scrap metal as man and machine go to war, just to see who can get the best hook! It is adrenaline, testosterone, and excitement. It is a sport that can engulf the entire family, and offer fun and excitement that can be rivaled by very few.

Scaling down the completion on Thursday evening, the track event for this evening will be Ag Museum Member Fun Pull. This will be an opportunity for Members of the Ag Museum to kick back and have some of their own fun after working so diligently earlier in the week putting on the pulls for others.

The Schuylkill County Fair Association is pleased to sponsor these thrilling event at the 2019 Fair. Specific rules for the Truck Pull may be found on the Schuylkill County Fair web site, under the Pull tab. No pun intended. For more detailed information may be found at in a PDF under Department 22. Contact people for further information include Matt Halabura at (570)449-4133, or Fran Vidzicki at (570) 691-5866,

Events at the Track continue On Saturday with Antique Tractor Pulls. High – Octane intensity explosion erupts onto the Schuylkill County Fair during the early afternoon of August 3. Power hungry antique tractors battle it out at the antique tractor pull on the Schuylkill County Fairgrounds. This event stars the area’s best drivers and their ground-powered machines.

Tractors must be model year 1959 or earlier and be wheel driven by the rear wheels only to be able to participate in the pull. Classic 1960 to 1972 factory turbo may participate with all antique rules applying. Rules for the antique tractor pulls can be found on line at or under the antique tractor pull tab on the fair’s homepage. Specific questions may be addressed by calling 570-739-4263 or emailing the questions to

The antique tractor drivers can pull in classes divided by weight. There are 16 classes to pull in. This power pulling motor sport competition requires tractor to pull a heavy sled along a track length with the winner being the tractor that pulls the sled farthest. All tractors in their respective classes pull a set weight on the sled. When a tractor gets to the end of the track this is known as a “full pull.” When more than one tractor completes the course, more weight is added to the sled. The winner is determined by the tractor that pulls the heaviest weight the furthest.

The sled is known as a weight transfer sled. This means that as it pulls down the track, the weight is transferred from over the rear axles and towards the front of the sled. As the weight moves resistance builds. The further the tractor pulls the sled the harder it gets.

Registration for the antique tractor pulls starts at 9 AM at the Ag Museum on the Schuylkill County Fairgrounds. Pulls will start approximately at 10 AM on Saturday August 3.

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