Friday, October 4, 2019

Tractor Trailer Spills Over 17 Thousand Pounds of Pierogie Ingredients near Shenandoah and Gilberton

A tractor trailer hauling pierogie ingredients made a mess near Shenandoah and Gilberton early Friday.

Just after 5:00am, a tractor trailer hauling excess pierogie ingredients was leaving Mrs. T's Shenandoah Plant when it pulled onto Route 924 from Herald Road.  As the truck pulled onto the highway, 17 giant tote-type containers holding approximately 1,000 pounds each of biodegradable food waste fell out of the trailer and onto Herald Road and Route 924.

The driver, not realizing what just happened, continued and eventually lost 2 more containers on Main Street in Gilberton near the off ramp of Route 924 where he finally pulled over.

The truck and driver were reported to be from a company from Danville that uses the excess pierogie ingredients to feed to farm animals.  The company was reported to be sending employees to take care of the cleanup.  Mrs. T's employees cleaned up most of the mess on Route 924 to allow traffic to continue.

Emergency personnel remained on scene while the mess was cleaned up.

Responding to the scene in Shenandoah were Shenandoah Police, Shenandoah Fire Police, and members from the Hook and Ladder as well as the Columbia Fire Company.  In Gilberton, Frackville Police responded along with members from Gilberton's Continental Fire Company.

UPDATE: In a statement from Mrs. T's Pierogies in regards to the incident.

As part of Mrs. T’s Pierogies’ sustainability efforts, our biodegradable food waste is recycled into animal feed.  On the morning of Friday, October 4 between 5-5:30 am, the recycling company’s truck picked up bins of Mrs. T’s biodegradable food waste and lost 18 bins at the corner of Herald Road and Rt. 924.  Two more bins were lost near the Gilberton exit off of Rt. 924.  The bins are out of the road and in the process of being cleaned up.  There are no reported injuries at this time.  Our number one priority is safety and we are thankful to everyone who was onsite including Shenandoah Police, Shenandoah Fire Police, Shenandoah Rescue Hook and Ladder Fire Company, Columbia Fire Company, Frackville Police and Continental Fire Company in Gilberton. 

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