Saturday, November 9, 2019

Man Locked Up on Warrant After Violating PFA, Robbing Woman's Purse

An Ashland man is locked in Schuylkill County Prison after having a bench warrant, violating a PFA, and robbing a woman of her purse.

According to Ashland Police, Daniel Leary, 40, of Ashland locked up after two incidents in the borough.

Police say Leary had been wanted by police for a Protection from Abuse violation for showing up at a woman's home and for her purse on October 15, 2019.

On November 8th, 2019, Leary was again attempting to gain access where this woman was located, and when police arrived, they found him yelling and banging on the door of an apartment.

Police were able to take Leary into custody and transport him to Schuylkill County Prison on an outstanding bench warrant, and separate warrants for the previous PFA violation and robbery.

Leary was arraigned by Magisterial District Judge Kilker on Friday for all three incidents.

Leary's bail was set at $10,000 straight cash for the first PFA violation, $25,000 straight cash for the robbery and $10,000 for the 2nd PFA violation.

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