Thursday, January 16, 2020

Ashland Police Also Looking to Identify Woman Using Counterfeit Money

On Wednesday night, we reported on the Mahanoy City Police Department looking to identify a woman that had used counterfeit money.  The Ashland Police Department has now joined the search for this woman since it has been reported in their jurisdiction as well.

According to Ashland Police Chief Daley, the woman used the counterfeit cash in the Dollar General in Ashland on Wednesday.

Daley also provided us with photos of the woman as she entered the store.

Anyone with information on this woman should contact the Ashland Police Department at (570) 875-2600, the Mahanoy City Police Department at (570) 773-2313, or Schuylkill County Communications at (570) 462-1991.

Link to story from Mahanoy City

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