Saturday, April 4, 2020

Easter Bunny to Help Deliver Lunches in Palo Alto, Port Carbon, Saint Clair, Pottsville, and Mount Carbon

Dustin’s Adventureland, a local 501c3 non profit group has announced that they have secured a few hours with the Easter Bunny next Friday April 10th between 11:30am and 3:00pm to help hand out lunches to children. 

To date, the group of volunteers have deliver over 2100 meals to children who cannot get to the pick up locations and also to many first responders throughout the area during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group is planning to travel throughout the municipalities of  Palo Alto, Port Carbon, Saint Clair, Pottsville, and Mount Carbon with the Easter Bunny while they serve lunches on Friday.

The group will only doing a drive through certain streets in each municipalities and there will be zero interaction as the Easter Bunny will be remaining in the vehicle to protect him for Sunday’s Appearance.

Children are asked to stay on their porch or at a safe distance to practice social distancing.

Routes and estimated times will be released on Wednesday.  Stay tuned to Dustin's Adventureland Facebook page, as well as Skook News for updates.

The Group of Volunteers from Dustin's Adventureland would like to thank Skook News, the Rojas Family, Tony’s Restaurant Pottsville, and St Pat’s Soup Kitchen for sponsoring this tour of the Easter Bunny.

Dustin's Adventureland is a 501c3 non profit group that is focused on bringing events that are designed for those with special needs to Schuylkill County. Last year, the group held the first ever special needs Easter Egg Hunt in Schuylkill County and is now working on developing a park and other all inclusive areas and activities for children with special needs.

When schools closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group stepped in to serve lunches to area children.
The 2nd Annual Dustin's Special Egg Hunt is currently postponed but the event will be rescheduled as soon as social distancing restrictions are lifted and when children can safely partake in the event.

If anyone would like more info on the Organization or would like to assist with fundraising events, please reach!

Dustin’s Adventureland
P.O. Box 132
Pottsville PA 17901
President James Womer - 570-640-4771
V.P. Jeffrey Dunkel - 570-527-6040

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