Sunday, May 30, 2021

Bus Driver Who Has Transported Shenandoah Valley Students for Decades Retires

At the recent meeting of the Shenandoah Valley School, Board, a special plaque was presented to Shenandoah Valley bus driver Ron Thomas, who transported students to school and athletic events for the past 48 years and now has made the decision to retire. 

This kind and gentle man was cherished by students and athletes alike for not only transporting them to and from school but for taking the time to provide treats on holidays and even remembering each child on their birthday. 

He takes great pride in never having had an accident that caused injury or harm to the students in his care. 

He attributes this to the prayer he invoked prior to initiating each bus run. Ron will continue working for the district as a kitchen maintenance worker, a position he has had for the past 33 years. 

Shown making the presentation L-R: SV Board member Joe Buchanan who rode on Mr. Thomas’s bus when he was in High School, Superintendent Brian Waite, Ron Thomas, and School Board President Dan Salvadore.

Information and Photo Submitted by Robert Yudinsky/Shenandoah Valley School District