Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Schuylkill County Court of Common Pleas Race Narrows to Three for General Election

Three candidates will move on to the General Election for the two open seats for the Schuylkill County Common Pleas after Tuesday's primary.

Christina Hale, who is currently serving after being appointed to the court, won both the Republican and Democratic nominations with the most votes, 12,270 and 5,271 respectively.

Hale's running mate, Chris Hobbs, took the second nomination for the Republicans with 10,987 votes.  James Conville followed with 5,241 and Julie Werdt with 2,998.

On the Democratic side, James Conville took the 2nd nomination with 4,553 votes, and was followed by Hobbs with 4,358 and Werdt with 3,075.

All 4 candidates cross filed for the Democratic and Republican nominations.

In November General Election, Schuylkill County will vote between Hale, Hobbs, and Conville to determine which two will fill the seats.

** Note:  Mail in ballots have yet to be counted and are not included in these numbers.

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