Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tarantelli Wins Democratic and Republican Nominations for Magisterial District Judge

 Butler Township Police Chief Edward Tarantelli has won both the Republican and Democratic nominations for Magisterial District Judge 21-3-01.

In arguably the most sought after elected position in 2021, Tarantelli won the nomination in a 6-person group of candidates.

All 6 candidates cross filed for both the Democrat and Republican parties.

Tarantelli won the Democratic nomination with 386 votes followed by Todd Selgrade with 333, Anthony Urban with 268, Brandon Alexander with 253, John Malinchok with 220, and Scott Taylor with 164.

He won the Republican Nomination with 1,031 votes followed by Malinchok with 552, Urban with 487, Alexander with 431, Selgrade with 367, and Taylor with 268.

** Note:  Mail in ballots have yet to be counted and are not included in these numbers.

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