Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Joe Snedeker Passes Through Schuylkill County for GoJoe24

Northeast Pennsylvania celebrity and meteorologist for WNEP, spent the end of his Monday and beginning of Tuesday in Schuylkill County as part of GoJoe24.

Joe's annual bike ride, which is now in it's 24th year, began Monday at WNEP's studio, then travelled down through Wilkes Barre and onto Route 309 into Hazleton and eventually Schuylkill County.

His route through the county this year passed through McAdoo, Delano, Mahanoy City, and ended in Shenandoah on Monday.

Joe met with Mrs Twardzik, the "Mrs. T" from Mrs. T's pierogies and the rest of the Twardzik family and did their 5 and 6 live broadcast from her front porch on Main Street, Shenandoah.

On Tuesday, Joe began Day 2 from the Holiday Inn in Frackville and traversed through Frackville, Gilberton, Girardville, Ashland, and Locustdale before moving onto Northumberland County.

Everywhere that Joe went, he drew a crowd!

WNEP's Chris Keating as well as members from St. Joseph's Center travelled along with Joe for his journey.