Thursday, August 5, 2021

Two Cass Township Homes Damaged in Crash Thursday Morning

After a dangerous incident Thursday morning, only minor injuries were sustained when a car crashed into two homes in Cass Township.

According to Cass Township Police, the crash occurred around 6:45pm, when a Subaru traveling south on Route 901/Sunbury Road crashed into two homes in the 900 Unit Block.

Police say the driver, Trevor Shultz, 20, of Kulpmont told them that he was travelling to work with Brett Venna, 29, also of Kulpmont, and was driving tired.  Shultz told police "he shut his eyes and the next thing he was hitting something, was in the air, and rolled".  Shultz said he believed he was travelling approximately 55 mph when the crash occurred.

An investigation found that Shultz's vehicle veered off the roadway striking the pillars of a second floor porch on 907 Sunbury Road, then became airborne striking the corner of the porch at 905 Sunbury Road.  The vehicle rolled back into the middle of Sunbury Road/Route 901.

The incident caused the porch on 907 Sunbury Road to collapse.  The home was vacant.

The owner of the home at 905 Sunbury Road was home at the time and was not injured.  The crash caused the home's porch and pillars to shift.

Only minor injuries were reported.

Route 901 was closed for approximately an hour and a half while the scene was cleared and investigated.