Wednesday, September 22, 2021

PrimoHoagies to Open Location in Saint Clair

PrimoHoagies announced Monday that a new location is expected to open next year in Saint Clair.

If you are fan of PrimoHoagies, you are going to be excited about this announcement.

On Monday, the company announced a huge expansion of it's locations across the United States, especially west of the Mississippi River.  That announcement included news that the company signed 18 new franchise agreements across four states that included Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Part of this announcement hits close to home because one of the new locations was Saint Clair, Pennsylvania.

Where in Saint Clair you may ask?  

According to Rob Rittenhouse, Director of Marketing for PrimoHoagies, the store will be located in the Coal Creek Plaza at 400 Terry Rich Boulevard, Saint Clair.

Rittenhouse says the new location is expected to open the location in early 2022.

Additional details on the announcement are expected to be released in the next few weeks